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Validity and reliability study of the school principal's instructional control behaviors scale


Abdurrahman İLĞAN

The aim of this study is to develop a valid and reliable measurement tool that describes the frequency of instructional control behaviors of school principals. The working group of the research consists of 984 teachers working in public and private schools in the provinces of Manisa, Yozgat, Ankara, Adana, ?zmir, Van and Batman. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyzes within the scope of the validity of the measurement tool; In terms of reliability, Cronbach's Alpha coefficient, item total correlations were compared with t-test in the lower and upper 27% groups. In the exploratory factor analysis performed on the draft measurement tool consisting of 23 statements, it was revealed that the measurement tool could be used both in one and two dimensions. Accordingly, if the measuring tool is used in two dimensions, the first dimension was named as "developing teaching and teacher", and the second dimension "classroom visits and providing feedback". Confirmatory factor analysis performed after the exploratory factor analysis also gave acceptable levels of fit indices. Analyzes have revealed that the school principal's instructional control behaviors scale is valid and reliable.

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