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The view and expectations of teachers who are union members and who are not members of education unions]


Tuncer FİDAN [1] , İnci ÖZTÜRK [2]

Unions that emerged in the first phase of modern industries are forms of social organization aimed at correcting the power imbalance between employees and employers. When unions first emerged, they highlighted their defensive functions by offering tools to break the overwhelming employer influence on the lives of employees (Giddens, 2009, 899). It can be stated that although the relations between the employee and the employer differ significantly from the past to the present, this development did not cause significant changes in the purpose of union organizations. For example, in Dwivedi's (2009, 297) definition, union; It is described as a voluntary employee organization established to protect and develop the collective interests of the employees, in relation to social actors such as employers, government and other employee organizations.

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