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[Relationship between school principals' technology leadership roles and profiles and technology integration in primary school classrooms]


Mustafa SAMANCIOĞLU [1] , Murat BAĞLIBEL [2] , Mahmut KALMAN [3] , Mehmet SİNCAR [4]

Schools are becoming more technology-rich institutions with each passing day. While the changes caused by this situation support the reform efforts in education (Means, Roschelle, Penuel, Sabelli & Haertel, 2004; Gulbahar & Guven, 2008; Tezci, 2009), they also contribute to the process of equipping students with the skills they will need in the information society (UNESCO , 2002; Kozma & Wagner, 2006). Studies in the field also reveal that learning environments enriched with ICT make significant contributions to the achievement of educational goals (Sandholtz, Ringstaff, & Dwyer, 1997; Schacter, 1999; OECD, 2005). Policy makers and decision makers in the field of education, who are aware of this, strive to use ICT more in education (UNESCO, 2003),

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