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Examination of teachers' utilization of information and communication technologies according to some variables


Aynur K. GEÇER [1] , İbrahim GÖKDAŞ [2]

With this research, the frequency of using information and communication technologies (ICT) by teachers working in primary schools, sources of information for their professional development and hierarchical structure of variables affecting the use of ICT are tried to be revealed. The sample of the study consists of 907 primary school teachers working in Kocaeli, Ayd?n, Van and Mu? provinces who stated that they made use of technology in their lessons. The data collection tool was created by using the questionnaire developed by Gür, Özo?lu and Ba?er (2010) and the questionnaire used by Gülbahar and Güven (2008) in their research. As a result of the research, it was found that seniority in using information and communication technologies, the province where the job was performed, and the status of receiving in-service training were important variables

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