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Diversity management in kindergartens according to the opinions of teachers and school administrators


Hasan Basri MEMDUHOĞLU [1] , Osman AYYÜREK [2]

The aim of this study is to determine individual attitudes and behaviors, organizational values ??and norms, and managerial policies and practices regarding the differences of employees in preschool education institutions according to the views of administrators and teachers. The population of the research in the screening model is the administrators and teachers working in kindergartens in the province of Van and its districts in the 2010-2011 academic year. Since all administrators and teachers in the population of the study were reached, sampling was not used. The research was applied on 257 teachers. The “Diversity Management Scale” developed by Balay and Sa?lam (2004) and rearranged by Memduho?lu (2007) was used as the data collection tool in the study. The collected data were analyzed with descriptive statistics and parametric tests. In the research;

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